Oxford Food Research Network

Our network of food researchers spans a large number of departments and institutes at Oxford University. Since our definition of the food system is broad, so is the range of research interests covered by our network.

We are aware that we have not yet contacted everyone at the University with an interest in food research. If you are a researcher at Oxford, and would like to be involved in this food research network, please get in touch.

Researchers with the Environmental Research Doctoral Training Partnership logo are supervisors on this training programme.

University Lecturer in Marketing, Culture and Society

Catherine Dolan is an anthropologist working at the interface of business, international development and social change.

Sherardian Professor of Botany, Head of Department

Liam Dolan’s research interests are in cellular development and evolution in land plants, using specialized rooting cells and root hairs as models.

Professor of Psychiatry & Wellcome Principal Research Fellow

Christopher Fairburn’s research focuses on the nature and treatment of eating disorders.

Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director, Institute for Science and Ethics, Oxford Martin School & Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy at Jesus College

Dr Foddy is currently working on video game design at NYU.

Bennett's research has focused on neuroethics and the ethics of human enhancement.

University Lecturer in Mathematics & Fellow of Corpus Christi College

Andrew’s research interests cover a wide range of applications of mathematical modelling in the applied sciences, including geophysics, biology and industrial problems, and using analytical, asymptotic and numerical methods of analysis to obtain useful results.

Former Oxford Martin School Future of Food Programme Coordinator

Mara was the former Oxford Martin School Future of Food Programme Coordinator and was responsible for coordinating the research and administrative activities of the Future of Food Programme.

Food Climate Research Network

Tara Garnett initiated, and runs the Food Climate Research Network, now based at the Environmental Change Institute.

Senior Research Officer, Young Lives

Andreas’s research interests include the identification of the determinants of undernutrition during childhood and adolescence in low- and middle-income settings and its implications for individuals’ health and development over the life course.

Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

Bernard Gesch's research tests if a poor diet influences antisocial and criminal behaviours.

Hope Professor & Director, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food

Charles Godfray is a population biologist with broad interests in the environmental sciences and has published in fundamental and applied areas of ecology, evolution and epidemiology.

Professor of Development Economics
Professor of Environmental and Regulatory Economics at the Smith School & Senior Fellow at the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Robert Hahn’s research interests are in policies that promote prosperity, broadly understood, within which maintaining an adequate food supply for the world’s population is a key aspect.

Director, Environmental Change Institute. Professor of Climate and Environmental Risk (School of Geography and the Environment)

Professor Jim Hall FREng is Director of the 

Sibthorpian Professor of Plant Sciences

Nick Harberd’s research group investigates the ways in which environment changes plant biology over a wide range of timescales.

Professor of Gerontology & Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Sarah's current research concerns globalization and global population ageing, in particular the impact at the global, societal and individual level of the age-structural shift from predominantly young to predominantly older societies.

Senior Researcher Biodiversity

Paula’s research interests are in quantifying the contribution of different organisms, and the effects of various drivers of change, on the provision of ecosystem services.

Emeritus Professor of Development Studies

Barbara's research interests lie in the economics of agricultural markets, especially in India, and in other aspects of deprivation caused (in part) by markets, such as poverty and malnutrition.

Professor of Ecology

Andy is a community ecologist interested in the relationship between biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems.

Senior Visiting Research Associate, ECI

Ariella Helfgott’s work spans conceptual and mathematical modelling of system resilience and adaptability, through to participatory approaches to building resilience and adaptive capacity on-the-ground.

Professor of Earth Sciences

Gideon is a geochemist researching climate change and the carbon cycle. His main research interests are in paleoclimate and ocean chemistry.