This section of the website is intended to:

  • Help current students studying any aspect of the food system at Oxford University network with other students with similar interests
  • Help potential students wishing to study food systems at Oxford find out more about opportunities that are available.

Oxford Food Security Forum

The Oxford Food Security Forum is a student-led organisation which hosts regular seminars and conferences in order to share current research and to facilitate collaboration between researchers from various disciplines.

In Hilary Term 2014, they held their third annual conference on "Food Security Research: Critical Perspectives And Marginalized Issues"

In Hilary Term 2015, they held their fourth annual conference on "Culture, Food, & The Environment:  New Perspectives On Food Sovereignty And Security"


They are looking forward to broadening their network to other UK, EU, and US universities.

If you are a graduate student or post-doctoral researcher (at Oxford or beyond) and are studying any aspect of the food system, please get in touch with them: 

For more information, please visit the Oxford Food Security Forum page


Food, as a research topic, is invariably inter-disciplinary. If you are looking for a supervisor for food-related student research and have not been able to find an appropriate person, please have a look at our research network pages to see who else is working in that field at Oxford.

Alternatively, please do get in touch with Mara Galeano Carraro, the Programme Co-ordinator, who will be happy to help suggest suitable supervisors.

Doctoral Training Partnerships

These are training programmes that provide a coherent course of study and research, leading to a DPhil.

(Note that in Oxford, the degree qualification commonly referred to as a Doctorate of Philosophy or PhD is known as a DPhil.)

Highlighted Graduate Food System Research

To give you a flavour of the kind of food system research that graudate students are carrying out at Oxford, we have invited a number of current graduate students to tell us about the research they are doing or the course they are taking.

There is also a list of the post-doctoral and graudate researchers who are part of our Food Research Network.

Advice for students applying to Oxford

We asked some of the graduate students at Oxford, who are studying and researching the food system, if they had any advice for students currently thinking about applying to Oxford.

Professional Development Short Courses

The Oxford Department for Continuing Education offers a range of Professional Development courses in Environment and Sustainability. On this page, we have selected a few one-day and weekend courses that are most relevant to the food system.